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Deep within the Atlas Mountains in Morocco a clay can be found. This clay is known as ‘Rhassoul Clay’ and is famed within the beauty industry for the amount of benefits that it has packed into it. In recent years, Rhassoul Clay is easier and cheaper to buy than ever before. Sadly though, very few people realize just how beneficial it can be for people. Let’s take a little look.

Rhassoul Clay has been used by the Moroccans for years to cleanse their bodies. In fact, translated it literally means ‘cleansing clay’. It can be used both on the skin as well as the hair to help with a number of different things. This clay is regarded as far better than most other clays on the market due to its high concentration of silica, potassium, calcium and magnesium. It is applied just by rubbing it onto the skin or on the hair, so it is very easy to use. 

Firstly, let’s take a little look at the benefits that Rhassoul Clay has on the skin. The main benefit is that it can help reduce dryness on the skin. Basically, it acts as a moisturiser. This also means that your skin will be reduced in flakiness. As a result, you can also look forward to ‘smoother’ looking skin, which is going to be absolutely brilliant! Basically, your skin is going to exert clarity and elasticity, which is going to be brilliant. 

In addition to that, the Rhassoul Clay also can extract impurities from the skin. This means that you can kiss goodbye to acne and blackheads. In fact, it is particularly useful for this, and almost everybody from acne can benefit from it as there are no side-effects, which means there is no itching, or waiting around for it to work. In my opinion, this is one of the only products on the market which can deliver this level of benefit to you. 

Finally, Rhassoul Clay can also be used on your hair. The effects are pretty much the same as your skin. This means you can look forward to shinier and much ‘fuller’ looking hair. This is in part down to the moisturising effects that Rhassoul Clay has. Many people suggest that you combine it with Argan Oil for the best effect, although to be honest, this clay is good enough to be used alone. Just use it once a week and you will look absolutely sublime! It is used in the same way as normal shampoo. Just make sure you clean it off properly when you are done. 

Why not check out Rhassoul Clay today? Honestly, almost everybody can benefit from this product, it really is that wonderful. In addition to that, as this is a natural product, there is absolutely no side effects to it, which means you can use it without absolutely any problems! In addition to that, the benefits will be apparent after just one user! Can’t be better than that right?

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